“…one of the country's finest big bands, bar none, City Rhythm Orchestra is the real deal-a high-flying, boldly swinging supergroup who take the hoary "big band" term out of the mothballs and sandblast it clean. Couple this 16-piece brass-blowing machine with one of the modern masters of the Hammond B3 organ and you have a recipe for an exciting night of massive shout choruses, killer dynamics and some big-hearted ballads.”
- Ken Micallef - Philadelphia Weekly

“Their city is Philadelphia and their sound is as tasty as Philly cheese steaks.

No one seems to have told this band that they should have a large horn section if they are going to aspire to be a Basie-inspired jump swing band.  That's a good thing!  If someone had, this band might have used more than four horns, which would take away from the amazing fact that so few players can create so much sound…” 
- Swingtime Magazine




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