“Approach the Five Spot on a Sunday night, and you're likely to feel you're in a time warp. The quiet streets of   Old City lend no inkling of the goings-on inside, but open the door and your chest starts to vibrate. The scene is reminiscent of a Cotton Club era speakeasy and post-WWII dance hall rolled into one. The music is red-hot big band, and the swing dancers work up a frenzy. Men and women, dressed to the nines in fedoras and evening gowns, flash tattoos and Manic Panic. Okay, so maybe it's a somewhat modified time warp. But if you're wondering what the fuss is about, all you need to do is listen to the band. The City Rhythm Orchestra, a nine- piece big band ensemble from the Philadelphia area, has been making audiences get up and cut a rug for almost 14 years.”
Erica J. Pennella - Philadelphia Weekly

“…Big Band swing deliciously served up with jazz organist Joey DeFrancesco adding the master's touch. This CD is first rate! “
- Bob Collins WRHU - Hempstead, New York

“The DVD alone is worth the price. Well-recorded studio CD bundled with a filmed performance at a jazz festival. Joey D. is clearly having a great time and so am I, watching and listening to this incredible band!”
- Studedell, Indianapolis, IN (CD Universe Buyer)


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