“Up Boston way there is a well-named group, The Swing Legacy, that plays a steady diet of small-group swing and jump blues that is plain old fun music. Each of the players sounds like he is having a fine time, and Debby Larkin is just the kind of vocalist that suits a group like this — hard-swinging, assertive, and worldly-wise. This is a disc that contains unmitigated musical pleasure."
— Joe Lang - Jersey Jazz

“The Swing Legacy brings an exceptional understanding to the music of the Swing era. Henry “thins” Francis and his band appreciate the repertoire and the musicianship behind these great compositions, and they honor the full range of emotions that underpinned what is too often misrepresented these days as merely facile, good-time music. This is one of the rare class acts of 21st Century jazz classicism.”
— Bob Blumenthal - Boston Globe

“This is the second offering from The Swing Legacy. The band comes out swingin’, and this album has lots of gems suitable for lindy hoppers. They kept the top-notch musicianship, mixed in some great tempos, popular swing tunes, and some lesser known tunes, and came up with a CD that should be in every dancer’s library. This is a fun CD that has many great, danceable songs just made for lindy hoppers. I definitely have no problems telling you this one should be in your library. Go out and buy it!”
— Terry Gardner - Strutters Quarterly

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