"Your performance at BIX was probably my favorite evening of live music this year.  Each song seemed to perfectly flow from the last.  Each left me grinning wider than the one before.  I cannot wait for your next gig, please let it be soon!  You guys sounded fantastic together and really made Saturday a spectacular evening."
- Boston Independence Exchange attendee

"I've hired them several times for Blues Cafe, and listeners' responses range from 'amazing' to 'oh my god... totally... amazing!'  Shawn makes complicated trumpet lines sound effortless and soulful.  And Anna's vocals are a marvel, tearing the roof off the venue, but gently."
- Boston swing dance promoter

"They always seem to have such a fun time playing together.  The energy and excitement just radiate from the bandstand!  And because they are dancers playing for dancers, they have the perfect mix of styles, tempos, and song lengths.  I could dance to them every night."
-Boston swing dance teacher



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