The Big Phat Band played a concert at the Palace Theatre in Manchester, NH last year, and the experience working with Al Saloky and the Compaq Big Band was top rate in every respect. Al's organizational skills are only exceeded by his love of the big band genre, a feeling that permeates the whole band. They played the opening set for us, and they are a spirited unit that plays with great enthusiasm and verve. I look forward to hearing the Compaq Big Band again soon!
Gordon Goodwin
Leader, the Big Phat Band

"We booked the Compaq Big Band because we had heard they were great and because we needed to fill a large crowded space with music. What we discovered is that not only is the band big and great, they are also intimate and engaging. What could have turned out to be an evening of professional background music was probably the most entertaining concert we've ever hosted. When we plan our annual “Best of New Hampshire Party” we expect the musical guests to please most of the people in attendance. There will always be a few who aren't impressed and a few who'd rather hear something else. After last year's show featuring the Compaq Big Band, everyone we asked was either delighted with the music or else blown away by it. The entire Verizon Wireless Arena danced on a cloud when the Compaq Big Band played."
Rick Broussard, Editor
New Hampshire Magazine


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