The Love Dogs' Recipe for The Blues

Take one red-hot horn section - we're talkin' alto, tenor, baritone Saxes and trombone - down and dirty. Add liberal amounts of barrelhouse boogie-woogie piano and stinging Fender guitar. Pour over a funky and swinging rhythm section that Blues Review magazine called "the best in the business", and top it all off with a crazy and charismatic front man with one of the biggest blues voices around. Season with a few years on the road tearing up juke joints, festivals and concert halls across the U.S. and Canada and on both sides of the Atlantic. Sound tasty? It's a recipe for music and mayhem, for intensity and irreverence; it's THE LOVE DOGS.

Based out of Boston, this hard blowing septet just celebrated its thirteenth year wowing audiences and critics alike with their combination of great musicianship and pure fun. The Dogs combine elements of jump blues, New Orleans R&B and early rock 'n' roll into their own powerhouse sound. You can hear it loud and clear on their three Tone-Cool cd's "I'm Yo Dog" (1996), "Heavy Petting" (1998) and "New Tricks" (2000). Many of the cuts from these three discs have been blues radio favorites, several of the Dogs' signature original songs have been used in feature films and on television, and one has even been sampled for use on the upcoming Run-DMC cd!

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