But as much fun as the Dogs' studio discs are, it's nothing compared to seeing them live. FMQB magazine called Love Dogs' concerts "the stuff of legend" where "soulful vocals, killer grooves, unpredictability and pure entertainment play equal parts". With their latest cd "Live And On Fire" The Love Dogs have finally captured the unbridled energy of their live show on disc. Far from a live retread of previously recorded tunes, "Live And On Fire" features ten brand new tracks captured live on a summer weekend at the famous Sea Note nightclub on the outskirts of Boston.

"It's important to us to have fun, and sometimes even we don't know what we're gonna do next." says lead vocalist and songwriter EDDIE "DUATO" SCHEER, a former sideman of R&B legend Johnny Adams. "We have a lot of humor in our music, and we love to surprise each other and make each other laugh. When a crowd can see that, it becomes contagious. Pretty soon they're giving us back as much energy as we're putting out, and the whole thing keeps escalating. We call it the 'tribal love vibe'".



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