The City Rhythm Orchestra has been entertaining audiences since 1985 with their relentlessly upbeat brand of music.  They’ve been praised by critics in the both their hometown of Philadelphia and in cities across the country.  Bandleaders Pete Spina and Nick Vallerio have consistently cooked up exciting music with their key ingredients of hot horn players, a smokin’ rhythm section, and exciting charts.  Joe Matt, the band’s innovative arranger, writes with a distinct flair that’s been called “great music and great fun”.  The depth of their 1,000 tune play list is truly astounding.  The musicians sound quite at home with all of the styles they approach, from jazz & swing to blues & rock.  City Rhythm’s vocalists Steve Ritrovato, Vicki Woodlyn and Rich Cox add a special quality to the group with their dynamic range and versatility.  Together, the ensemble salutes big bands like Basie and Ellington, vocalists like Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra, and blues artists from Ray Charles to Van Morrison.  They can switch gears and deliver the best of classic rock and roll, Motown and funk with an energy that dazzles audiences.  Through it all, there is that personal stamp on the music that clearly established the “City Rhythm sound”. 



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